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OPULENCE II is the continuation of the successful collection OPULENCE. Finest lines, hardly noticeable by the naked eye, created a refraction of the light in combination with mica elements. Depending on the viewing angle, motifs seem to disappear, only to be revealed again as the viewer takes another step.

The colourways of OPULENCE II are all comfortable and refined, at the same time classy and premium: gold on light aubergine, pistol silver on white, bronze on café au lait. Only a rich Hermès orange is set apart.

Engravers have handcrafted parts of the cylinders for OPULENCE II, particularly in spaces where the fine lines merge into the wave motif.


Automatically determine the number of rolls


Please note: The German Eichgesetz (weights and measures act) allows for deviations of –2% in the roll length due to manufacturing reasons.