In 1845, Johann Bertram Schaefer opens a speciality shop for interior design in Marburg, Germany. Today, over 172 years and four generations later, this single nucleus has grown into a modern, highly productive company that is among the world’s leading producers of wallpaper. marburg stands for creativity, innovation, a strong sense of current trends and market development.

1845 - Johann Bertram Schaefer 

opens a furniture and interior design shop in Marburg

1875 - Johann Konrad Schaefer
starts the production of wallpapers in the wallpaper factory on Pilgrimstein. Despite a devastating fire in 1882, the company grows into a major industrial concern.

1922 - 1956 - Betram Schaefer
After the destruction of the factory in the 2nd World War (1945), the Marburg Wallpaper Factory is built at its present location in Kirchhain.

1946 - 1980 - Walter Eitel
the son-in-law takes over is managing director.

from 1979 - Ullrich Eitel
becomes managing director. Following a fire in 1983, the company faces major challenges, which it overcomes with a wealth of innovative ideas.

Technical innovations

   1965 - Domotex: Invention of textile wallcoverings

   1973 - Relief-printed profile wallcovering: A revolution in the wallpaper world

   1990 - Patent Decor: Paintable structured wallcovering on a non-woven basis (can be pulled off)

   1993 - Ecological structured wallcovering: 100% free from PVC, chlorine and plasticizers  

   1995 - Crushed-look wallcoverings: Industrially produced unique designs

   1996 - EMC wallcoverings: Protection against electromagnetic fields 

   2012 - Karat: Rhinestone or pearl elements are permanently appliquéd to wallcoverings

   2015 - Glowing "Art Luminaire" wallcovering: Synthesis of wallcovering and light