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There can hardly be any collection at marburg that is as rich in tradition as DOMOTEX.



BOMBAY is a collection of simple, timeless but expressive wallcoverings that will add structure and character to a room but not be too dominant in the context of the architecture and interior.


Ulf Moritz and marburg have been working together successfully since the year 2000. With his sixth collection Moritz is presenting an excitingly diverse range of creative wall coverings that are clear and architecturally streamlined.

Zaha Hadid HOMMAGE

Zaha Hadid was one of the most respected personalities in the international architectural community. She passed away on 31 March 2016. Hadid had worked on the designs until shortly before her death. The collection is a memorial of her work.

Ulf Moritz SCALA

Ulf Moritz SCALA stands for sensual opulence. The soft, expressive colours are rich and sensuous.


CRUSH Noble Walls

Crush wallcoverings are a particular speciality of marburg wallcoverings. For 20 years the family-owned company located in Hessen has been the only manufacturer who has the knowledge to print such fine premium wallcoverings in such a variety.



The MUSEO collection takes you on a journey through time that starts just after the French Revolution in 1790 and ends in 1900, the year that points the way into our modern age.



The "Horus" collection brings together 36 distinctive wallcoverings. Each of them is unique and is hand-made with the utmost care.