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starLED - great moments for wall & ceiling

It is the brilliant symbiosis of wallpaper and light: ”starLED” integrates the most modern lighting technology into strips of wallpaper and is thus an entirely new highlight for the interior.  Easily attached with adhesive technology and connected with the power network, with its illuminating stars on walls or ceilings it lends the room lightness and a very special type of magic.  

Starlight by express: The newly developed starLED wallpaper also offers the environment, in addition to a new look, a complete lighting solution, and this with fast implementation and without the expense of suspended ceilings. For this, two different star designs are integrated into the wallpaper strips of the “Karat” collection according to your personal wishes, covering fields of use from complete room lighting to effective mood lighting in perfect harmony. Optional with variants with eight or sixteen beams, the illuminating stars can be dimmed and thus create a very special atmosphere even in dimly-lit rooms such as bars, clubs, wellness or exhibition areas. 

The wallpaper strips are fitted with the LED technology developed by Ambright and are delivered complete with a power supply unit, dimmer, connecting cables, and distributor. Only 4-mm-deep recesses in ceilings or walls are sufficient for receiving the electrical cables found on the backs of the stars, such that, after its installation and simple connection to the power network, the wallpaper can display its energy-saving and maintenance-free luminosity.


Automatically determine the number of rolls


Please note: The German Eichgesetz (weights and measures act) allows for deviations of –2% in the roll length due to manufacturing reasons.